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An important note - March 1, 2015


It's been an amazing journey. But all great adventures come

to a finale.
Believe me, it has been so wonderful. Our 8 years of serving
up internationally-loved 7D Dried Mango to all our friends
has been a harvest of great memories.
Just as a sunset brings rest and a new day, April 30th, 2015 will
be sweetsweetmangos.com's last. Please know we are committed
to serving everyone right to finale. Please connect with any
Thank you for all your support and final orders.
Sweet Sweet wishes to you!

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"... Yes, you have an award winning product. More consumers need to know about 7D mangoes and keep them on their pantry shelf. Thank you and I am glad I found you."

Arnita from Michigan



"The best dried fruit ever! Every year a friend of mine goes to Hawaii and I make her bring them back... Now I order them online and enjoy them all year long."

As posted by Spring on facebook


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